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Economics of Climate Change in Zanzibar

At the request of the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar, the UK (DFID) Government are funding a study on the ‘Economics of Climate Change in Zanzibar (Unguja, Pemba and other islands)’.  The work is led by the Global Climate Adaptation Partnership, working with local partner organisations on the island and international experts.
The primary objective for this study is to develop a comprehensive, participatory, and indigenously oriented climate change review study in Zanzibar, in order to address the required national implementation formula in climate change adaptation and mitigation.  As part of this, the study has assessed:

1.            The current climate and the current costs of climate variability;
2.            The impacts and economics costs of climate change;
3.            The costs and benefits of adaptation; and
4.            The potential for low carbon growth.
An initial study presentation on the work is available:

Download study presentation


Project Director - Paul Watkiss (
Key Project Organisations:
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